SpectrumSCM 4.0 Evaluation Version

  The SpectrumSCM 4.0 version continues the progression of the SpectrumSCM product into the enterprise change management space. The SpectrumSCM 4.0 product includes all the features of the 3.x product line but is now based upon a relational database backend. The relational database enhances the scalability of the product to support larger environments whilst providing industry standard SQL querying and reporting mechanisms.

Specific SpectrumSCM Version 4.0 enhancements

  • Database enhancement: By leveraging the Hibernate Object-Relational mapping project, SpectrumSCM can be configured to use industry standard relational databases. By default, SpectrumSCM 4.0 is deployed with Apache DerbyDb but at this time it can also be configured to use a MySQL data store. Either of these databases gives your change management items full transactional integrity while also giving the ease of access of SQL technologies.

  • Reports Builder: Based on the new relational database you can now write your own custom reports, both in terms of SQL queries and custom output formatting. These report controls are stored within SpectrumSCM so that they can be shared with other platform users. Access can also be controlled using the SpectrumSCM role-based permissions model.

  • Directory level, recursive check-out: A feature requested by a number of existing customers, to be able to check-out for edit a complete directory structure. Because this could potentially involve a large number of files, appropriate safe-guards had to be built in.

  • Copy files within the repository: To support template type functionality a "copy file(s)" function was added. As with all such SpectrumSCM features, full history/trackability is maintained i.e. where did this new file come from, who created it, why, and has it followed my SDLC/business process.

For more details on any of the above items, any general questions, or any other enquiries, please call us at 770-448-8662 or send an e-mail to sales@spectrumscm.com.

SpectrumSCM Download - Free 60 Day Version

Are you looking for SpectrumSCM Proxy or SpectrumSCM IDE Integrations ?

NOTE: You need to have/install the appropriate Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for the OS, before installing SpectrumSCM. Download links for Linux, Solaris and Windows versions of the JVM are given below. Click here for a listing of JVMs for other operating systems.

Download Latest Release
Tar for Unix/Linux/MAC based systems (49,192,960 bytes)
(version 4.4)
Zip format for Win32 based systems (49,098,369 bytes)
Read Me - Installation Instructions
Tutorial - There is a quick-start tutorial included with the product download (above). It is accessible through the "Help" menu within the application. The tutorial is also accessible directly off of our web-site under the "Getting Started" link.
License End User Agreement
Oracle/Sun Java Runtime Environment
Recommended JVM 1.7, but you can run with an older 1.6 or 1.5 version if necessary.
Follow the starting links below and select the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) sub-links as appropriate. Note, you do not need the JavaFX, NetBeans or JavaEE bundles to run SpectrumSCM.
  Linux Solaris Windows

SpectrumSCM Proxy

  SpectrumSCM now provides enhanced performance for distributed development teams in bandwidth constrained network environments through the SpectrumSCM Proxy. The proxy acts as a bridge between the SpectrumSCM client and server, and builds a cache for frequently checked out revisions of the e-Assets that are under source control. Files checked out by a client are used to serve similar requests from other clients, thus improving overall response time for check-outs and extracts. The proxy not only provides a better user experience for remote teams but also reduces the network traffic across the WAN and the load on the remote SpectrumSCM server. Check out the Administrative Functions chapter under the User Guide section on our website or send a mail to support@spectrumscm.com for further details.

SpectrumSCM Proxy Installer - README

SpectrumSCM Proxy Installer - Zip file for Windows based systems

SpectrumSCM Proxy Installer - Tar file for Unix based systems

SpectrumSCM IDE Integrations

  SpectrumSCM provides tight integration with Microsoft SCCI compliant IDEs like Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET, Borland's CodeWright etc.

The SpectrumSCM-Office plugin enables users to version control and process manage Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents without having to leave the native applications. Files can be checked-in, checked-out and shared in a controlled manner, as specified by your process.

The SpectrumSCM plugin for Eclipse provides tight integration with the Eclipse IDE Platform and other Eclipse based tools like IBM WebSphere. Check out the White Papers and Other Docs section on our website or send a mail to support@spectrumscm.com for further details

SpectrumSCM SCCI Installer - README

SpectrumSCM SCCI Installer - Download
SpectrumSCM-Office Plugin - Contact Spectrum Support to receive this plugin and installation/usage instructions
SpectrumSCM Plugin for Eclipse - Installation Instructions

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