SpectrumSCM Features - Introduction

SpectrumSCMTM is a "FIRST OF A KIND", truly integrated full-featured, platform independent Source Configuration and Management (SCM) solution that can be used to manage all of your "e-assets". SpectrumSCM is the most economical full-featured product with a very low Total Cost of Ownership and a very attractive Return on Investment. The system includes version control, issue tracking, change management, process management, release management, advanced branching techniques, workflow and much more, all integrated into a single system. Java-based client/server technology allows you to “install once, run anywhere.” User access is web-enabled and the user interface and functionality is identical from any client to any server regardless of the communications protocol. Change-based configuration management allows users to focus on the reason for the change rather than file versions and labels. SpectrumSCM is more than just a simple Software Configuration, Source Control or Version Control system.

SpectrumSCM brings in the best practices for automation of Project lifecycle processes through unified configuration management and change management by providing full CM functionality with one truly integrated SCM system and not as a suite of bundled applications.

SpectrumSCM provides a comprehensive set of SCM features all in a single tool (not 'add on' or enterprise edition, professional edition, enterprise edition etc) to get the full set of SCM features.

The software products group at Spectrum Software develops cross-platform tools for configuration and project management with a focus on enhancing productivity and quality in the software development process.

Continue on this page for a brief list of SpectrumSCM features and functionality. The following link will take you to a listing of features along with more description and links to screen captures.

SpectrumSCM Brief Features List

Key Benefits Include

  • Fully integrated functionality not an interoperation of different applications
  • True platform portability versus multi-platform solutions of peer SCM tools. Buy once, use anywhere. Install once, run anywhere.
  • Change-based work allows users to focus on total task, not files and file version
  • No file-label operations required
  • Easy, reliable drag-and-drop release operation that ensures only approved changes are included
  • Provides complete traceability in managing changes to any source documents for compliance and audits (SOX, CMM, CMMI, etc.)
  • Supports ITIL framework including Configuration Management, Change Management, Release Management, Problem Management and Incident Management
  • Easy to install, deploy, learn and manage
  • No system administration requirements
  • Floating-user client licenses, not named-user
  • Economical with Lowest Total Cost of Ownership - offers best combination of functionality and cost


  • 100% Java client and server ensuring complete platform portability
  • Client and administration interfaces have an identical look and set of functionality regardless of the client platform or acess method (LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet, Intranet, etc.)
  • Users fully collaborate using a single data repository
  • Fully integrated version control, issue/change management, release management, workflow, reports, and more
  • Built-in real-time E-Mail notifications
  • Integrated reporting and auditing functions
  • TCP/IP communication between client and server - no additional communication software required
  • High levels of security
  • Proxy plug-in for support of low bandwidth environments


  • LDAP and Active Directory support
  • Access control to configure access rights of users based on roles
  • Database is essentially self managing. No DBA required for installation or on-going support
  • File transmissions between client and server are compressed to reduce network resource utilization
  • Wizard-driven process available to help set up new projects


  • End user preferences in GUI appearance
  • End user choice of editors
  • User roles and access permissions
  • Fully customizable Change Request attributes to facilitate recording, tracking and reporting key project quality or data metrics
  • Change Request life cycles/workflow on a project by project basis
  • Interface with external applications using open API and Command Line Interface
  • Interface with external build tools using Command Line Interface
  • Export report data to other report writers such as Crystal Reports, Excel, etc.

Ease of Deployment

  • Server and database self-install in less than five minutes
  • Java download to each client via the web
  • Java WebStart to start application without any locally installed Java apps
  • LDAP and Active Directory support

Ease of Use

  • Integrated version control and issue/change management - no need to use separate systems
  • One consistent, full-featured interface regardless of client operating system
  • Simple, intuitive, informative user interface
  • Extensive context-sensitive and on-line help
  • CR Filters - to enable the user to focus on key issues of interest
  • Work in connected and disconnected mode
  • Workspace Synchronizer and Analyzer - easy to keep repository and local workspace synchronized
  • Wizard-driven process available to help set up new projects
  • User training class two days in length

Strong Integrations

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft Office Suite (2000, 2003, XP)
  • Eclipse 2.1 and 3.x
  • BEA WebLogic
  • Borland Control Center
  • Borland CodeWright
  • IBM WebSphere Application Development (WSAD) through Eclipse
  • PowerBuilder
  • All Microsoft SCCI compliant IDEs
  • Command Line and open API for integration with products outside of SpectrumSCM

Issue/Change Management

  • Integrated from initial design as a fundamental requirement
  • Change-based SCM solution using Change Requests as the unit of work
  • Change Request automatically associated with managed objects required to affect the change
  • Moving a Change Request through its life cycle automatically moves the affected files
  • Change Request attributes are easy to create and add to form
  • Releases made by selectively migrating Change Requests into the release using simple drag-and-drop
  • Change Request may have unlimited description field, notes and attachments for better communication
  • Work Breakdown Structure associates Change Requests in parent-child or peer-to-peer relationship
  • Search capabilities within Change Request header, description and notes
  • Integrated chat allows users to communicate quickly


  • Floating (Concurrent)-user license model, not named user
  • Site licenses with unlimited client licenses available for large enterprise installations
  • Lowest cost Annual Maintenance Contract among enterprise class SCM solutions on the market

Release Management

  • Integrated from initial design as a fundamental requirement
  • Releases made by selectively migrating Change Requests into the release using simple drag-and-drop
  • No file labels required
  • File dependency checking ensures that no Change Request goes into a release if it contains file(s) that depend on an earlier version that is not yet ready for release

Reports - Metrics and Audits

  • Multiple reports included and available immediately
  • Reports range from simple Change Request reports to complete Bill of Materials report
  • Provides complete traceability in managing changes to any source documents for compliance and audits (SOX, CMM, CMMI, etc.)
  • Easy to create new customized reports
  • Add new reports to a running server without taking the system off line or system reboot
  • Export report data to other report writers such as Crystal Reports, Excel, etc.


  • Scale form small group to enterprise-wide implementation
  • Federation of databases model allows virtually unlimited growth
  • Size of repository restricted only by operating system and available storage


  • TCP/IP communications between client and server
  • SSL and SSH between client and server for high security levels
  • Firewall support configurable to limit port access for users outside the firewall
  • LDAP and Active Directory support
  • Role-based security within projects
  • Access Control Lists (ACL) to limit user views down to directory and file levels
  • E-Mail configuration supports full SMTP authentication
  • Password Expiration and Management

Version Control

  • Integrated from initial design as a fundamental requirement
  • Agile file rename and move capabilities
  • Graphical two-way and three-way diff/merge tools
  • Client-side merge
  • Supports text and binary files, any electronic file
  • Advanced branching models available on a project-by-project basis
  • CR Integrator to assist with automatic branch differencing and merging
  • Workspace difference tools - to find and report file differences under selected directories and/or to view the differences through the 2 or 3 way diff/merge viewers.
  • Search capabilities within repository for text strings and file metadata
  • Keyword expansion

Workflow and Process Management

  • Integrated from initial design as a fundamental requirement
  • Simple workflow included as a model out-of-the-box
  • Workflow easy to create and modify to meet project requirements
  • Uses ad-hoc or rigid process workflow models
  • Powerful Graphical Workflow Editor
  • Ability to customize the workflow and interface with external business processes using built-in generic workflow engine


  • Concurrent client user license starts at $800
  • Server license $1,500
  • Site licenses with unlimited client licenses available for large enterprises
  • Lowest Annual Maintenance Cost among enterprise class SCM tools in the market place

Spectrum Software, Inc.

  • Free 60-day evaluation
  • 100% Money-back guarantee
  • Technical support via telephone and email
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) - guaranteed response within one business day for any technical support query from anywhere in the world
  • On-site consulting and training services
  • Product references
Need more information?

    The complete SpectrumSCM User Guide is online and can be found Here. You can also send an email to info@spectrumscm.com or call us at 770-448-8662